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CARD is GADA's political action committee to support state-level candidates on a non-partisan basis. CARD funds contributed by GADA member dealers support those candidates who understand the needs of the retail automobile business. Corporate funds may be used, but the donation is not tax deductile. Contributions to the CARD are purely voluntary and not a condition of membership in GADA.

$2500 - Chairman's Club
$2000 - Director's Club
$1500 - Partner's Club
$1000 - Executive's Club
$500 - Manager's Club

Legal Defense Fund
The Legal Defense Fund provides financial and/or legal assistance to dealers in proceedings before State and Federal courts and agencies where the outcome of the proceedings would have a substantial impact on all GADA members. Contributions are purely voluntary and are not a condition of membership in GADA. However, contributions to the LDF may be considerd by the GADA Legal Denfense Fund Committee in the event a GADA member requests assistance from the LDF.

$100 - (Suggested Contribution)

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